Photography quickly became the language of story telling at Martha Stewart Living. It was our way of documenting, inspiring and making that emotional connection between audiences and ideas. Over time photography became the core of the brand identity. Selecting the photographer who could bring their own personalities and passions to each individual story helped us forge the connection with our readers. Our Glossaries are the perfect confluence of information and inspiration. They work like visual encyclopedias. We endeavored to be as comprehensive as a scientific journal, conceiving of our Glossaries as a sensuous marriage of words and photographs. Glossaries put us in touch with growers across the country and it was a privilege to meet them. The photography for our Glossaries has a heroic simplicity and coveys the respect and awe the photo team felt for the farmers who grew these treasures. Which is why we used the farmers hands to symbolize hands-on pride and the importance of the acts of making, growing and giving.