American Made

The “Martha Stewart American Made Awards” celebrates creative entrepreneurship in small business. Beginning in 2012 the awards recognized the innovation and craftsmanship of the country’s makers.

Jasper Hill Farm

Andy and Mateo Kehler are perfecting their artisanal cheeses at their farm in central Vermont. They got into the cheese making business “to find meaningful work in the place that they love.” Now they are sharing their success with local famers by providing the environment and the staff that will enable them to become cheese makers too. In order to meet their environmental and social goals the cheese has to be delicious.

The Wythe Hotel

The Wythe Hotel in Williamsburg, Brooklyn inhabits a reclaimed turn-of-the-century factory building. Hotelier Peter Lawrence and real estate developer Jed Walentas teamed up with restaurateur Andrew Tarlow to help transform a defunct neighborhood using local artisans to decorate and local food to entice at their Reynard restaurant.

FeLion Studios

Alisa Toninato from Madison, Wisconsin is a cast iron artist who started making cast iron pans for every state in America. They fit together in a huge cast iron map and now she has gone from art to industry as she takes her line into production.


Sawkille is a small furniture company in Rhinebeck, New York. Jonah Meyer the proprietor and lead designer employs sustainable practices to harvest and build his classically designed furniture. Inspired by Hudson Valley traditions, Johan approaches his furniture designs with the mind of a sculptor.

Cup for Cup

Lena Kwak worked for Thomas Keller and developed gluten-free flour she named: Cup 4 Cup. Her gold standard was the chefs at The French Laundry who baked with her flour and the diners at the restaurant who were so grateful.


In 2012 Carter Cleveland launched Artsy with the idea of “making all the world art freely available to anyone with an Internet connection”. Their idea was to create a platform based on helping people educate themselves by giving each art work an “art genome.”

Salmon Fishing in Alaska

Wade Bucher gill-nets for Copper River Salmon in South East Alaska. The salmon spawn at the top of the Copper River which stretches 300 miles into the Alaskan interior; this long journey makes them prized for their high oil content.